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How Yoga helps in addiction recovery

yoga pose-yoga addiction recovery

Yoga and how it helps Addiction Recovery “Yoga is a way of coping with stress at a fundamental level that changes both your stress response and your perception of it,” says Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, PhD, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School who studies the psychophysiological mechanisms […]

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Addiction Recovery | Taking it slow By: Holly Conklin

Addiction Recovery-Slow Down by Holly Conklin- Angel Intervention Services-Substance abuse IOP

The Importance of Slowing down in Addiction Recovery Throughout my years of experience in the addiction industry, one of the most upsetting and incredibly complicated pitfalls of recovery, is the desire for individuals to “Hurry up!!”. Family members from all over the globe want their loved ones to get clean […]

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Craig Holtz | Angel Intervention & I.O.P Services

Craig Holtz LSW Angel intervention services llc

Angel Intervention & I.O.P Services welcomes our newest team member Craig Holtz Craig Holtz is a State of Ohio, Licensed Social Worker who is a highly skilled, well-trained, naturally empathetic, solutions-oriented individual who has practiced within a motivational interviewing framework for the past 23 years. Craig has been providing exceptional […]

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Meth Addiction & Mental Health

Meth Addiction-Mental Health Issues-angel intervention

Meth Addiction & Mental Health Methamphetamine, an illegal drug that sends the body into overdrive, is surging through the United States. Federal drug data provided exclusively to NPR show seizures of meth by authorities have spiked, rising 142% between 2017 and 2018.   The symptoms of meth addiction can exacerbate the symptoms […]

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Substance Abuse 4 Levels of Treatment

Treatment-Angel Intervention Services-Ohio-Holly Conklin

What are the Four Levels of Treatment for Substance Abuse? By: Samantha Schotters                 There are four main levels of treatment for substance abuse. These levels include: Level 1 – outpatient treatment Level 2 – intensive outpatient treatment Level 3 – medically monitored intensive inpatient treatment Level 4 – medically […]

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Testimonial: Tiffany H.

testimonial-holly conklin-angel intervention.

Share on facebook Share on google Share on twitter Share on linkedin One warm summer day in July 2017 Holly Conklinshowed up in the back-parking lot of my work. Little did I know it was going tobe the 1st day of the most important relationship in my life.I was beaten, […]

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Meth Epidemic in Ohio

Meth Epidemic in Ohio

Meth Epidemic is on the rise in Ohio according to OSAM ( Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring) Opioid prescriptions are falling throughout Ohio, methamphetamine remains widely available in the state. Meth availability increased in most areas across Ohio except for the Athens region. Participants in the report noted that meth’s “lower […]

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Michael D Dowdy | Angel Intervention Services

Michael D Dowdy-Angel Interventio services-Drug & Alcohol Intervention

Michael D Dowdy, Welcome to our team Michael D Dowdy is a Licensed social worker and an independent chemical dependency counselor with more than 25 years of experience.  He has worked 15 years in juvenile treatment at Starr Commonwealth Schools holding various positions.  Michael expanded his expertise and moved to […]

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