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It is currently common for people to take selfies while doing various activities, but a study has just shown that taking a selfie while exercising is a mental problem.For experts, sharing images on social networks showing what is being done, eating, using the place that is being visited and even private issues becomes a competition where what is sought is to get more “likes “. That’s why taking selfies when exercising is becoming mental problem.

Although it usually seems as a normal situation, the University of Brunel, in London does not think the same, since according to a study this action could hide something more problematic inside the mind of those who spend time posting their photos.

Taking a Selfie while you exercise can be a mental problem.

Something frequent is to show selfies on a social networks where it shows certain behaviors that could be the symptom of something that many have in common, low self-esteem.

But it could also be a much more serious problem. Status updates on Facebook are one of the favorite activities of those who use this platform. Since it allows us to share anecdotes, news, outings with friends, trips and countless moments.

It is thought that all this is done with the objective of obtaining “likes” from all the followers in the network. The study of the aforementioned university was given the task of investigating what drives users to show photos of themselves over and over again very frequently.

555 Facebook users were followed to measure their self-esteem, narcissism, reasons for using the platform and frequency of updates to their activities. And they realized that those who shared too much about their social and daily activities turned out to be more outgoing than the rest.

On the other hand, for those who thought it was more important to talk about intellectual issues or use the platform to share news, they were linked to having a more open mind.

Those who have children showed a greater concern than the rest to create awareness through their publications and those who boasted to their partners showed strong problems of self-esteem. Apart from having neurotic traits and a higher sensitivity than the rest. It is said that these individuals usually seek understanding, support and sympathy in their social networks, since it is what they lack in their daily lives.

Now it is the turn of those who are obsessed with selfies in the gym, their exercise routines, diets and results, they are usually part of a group of narcissists. They seek to show themselves as stronger, vain and exhibitionist.

They want to have attention and acceptance through the networks by showing off all their achievements. By taking care of their appearance so much, they become obsessive with the selfies in which they show themselves better than the rest.

It’s this narcistic behavior, the psychological problem, that gives them pleasure in admiring themselves, it feeds on the ‘’likes’’ that their followers give them and the more they get together, the better they feel. The attention they seek so much and above all they need to feel validated is achieved thanks to the photos in which they usually show their body during the exercise routine or just after finishing it.

What they intend with this attitude is to satisfy their mental need to be important for the rest. In case you don’t get it, your frustration can lead to episodes of aggressiveness and completely intolerant behavior. These facts can mean a narcissistic disorder or that these selfies are the trigger for that attitude.


On the other hand, for this type of people, the “like” usually causes a reward effect, the same effect which can be obtained by consuming certain narcotic drugs, thus activating their addiction and sometimes leading to strong emotional instabilities.

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