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Drug Addiction Intervention Services

Holly Conklin is a Certified Intervention Professional, Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Certified Intervention Specialist and Certified Case Management Interventionist Intern. Holly Conklin has done interventions all over the world including 800 plus successful Drug Addiction Intervention Services in 11 years.  Starting an intervention company in 2006, Holly Conklin entered a primarily male dominated industry with little or no experience and developed a one on one style of intervention that current counselors of intervention now copy. Since starting Angel Intervention Services she has dedicated her time and resources in advanced training programs that encompass all modalities of intervention, with 200 plus training hours and 11 years practical experience.

Intervention is defined as “a disruption of the family system”. Which means, an investigation into the past and present issues of the family system that can contribute to a person’s addictive behavior. For many families, the issues may be big or small, but the discovery of these issues lead to a healing process for everyone involved. Holly Conklin uses an eclectic combination of techniques and views each intervention as a unique and different situation putting her personal style of intervention to work.

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Molly Intervention & Rehabilitation

Molly Intervention & Rehabilitation-Holly Conklin-Angel Intervention Services-molly-capsules-with-pink-molly

Molly Intervention & Rehabilitation Molly Intervention & Rehabilitation . What Is Molly? Molly is the powdered or crystalized form of the drug MDMA, also known as Ecstasy. Ecstasy is normally sold in the form of small colored pills, usually with the imprint of a logo or a cartoon or other […]

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