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Angel Intervention & I.O.P Services welcomes our newest team member

Craig Holtz LSW Angel intervention services llc
Craig Holtz

Craig Holtz is a State of Ohio, Licensed Social Worker who is a highly skilled, well-trained, naturally empathetic, solutions-oriented individual who has practiced within a motivational interviewing framework for the past 23 years. Craig has been providing exceptional care and effective treatment for adults with co-occurring disorders for 18 years and has a demonstrated track record of success working with diverse client populations. His work has also involved providing crisis mental health pre-screening services for 5 different hospitals. He is an effective motivator, educator, trainer, and advocate, with an inherent ability to understand and manage all types of personalities. Craig has a natural ability to establish rapport quickly, build trust, and interact with and relate to individuals from diverse backgrounds and life experiences and specializes in relapse prevention strategies and teaching CBT skills.

Craig developed drug addiction and alcoholism at a young age, following the deaths of both of his parents, but has maintained complete abstinence now for 27 years, since age 22. He has been well trained and loves to pass on simple strategies to remaining sober and emotionally stable to his clients. He has worked with diverse populations such as families, children, resistant clients, cross-cultural, providing group and individual therapy and education to persons in their homes, in jails and prisons, inpatient treatment, hospitals, sober living, and community mental health agencies with success across the board.

His training and education include certification in Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT); Prime For Life Certified; Homebuilders Certified; Life Skills Training Level 1; Gestalt Therapy trained; trained in the Assessment and Treatment of Childhood Trauma; Functional Family Therapy Certified; and Certified in University of Cincinnati Addictions CBT curriculum. Craig also has a Master of Business Administration from Tiffin University (01), and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from Bluffton University (97).

Craig Holtz


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