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Audra Clevenger

Audra Clevenger

Hi! My name is Audra Clevenger. I am registered minister through the state of Ohio and Universal Life Church Ministries. I am also a Reiki 3 Master Teacher, a certified Ho’oponopono practitioner and continue a Shamanic mentorship program revolving heavily around Journey and Ceremony. I am currently working towards my state board certification in Sound and Vibrational Therapy to be completed in March.

I am the owner/operator/practitioner of MHOP -My House of Peace here in Van Wert, Ohio. This is the location of my private practice as well as our Shungite Meditation Lounge where we host a myriad of classes including meditation, yoga, kundalini yoga, and sound healing along with children’s classes. Our private services at MHOP include private shamanic, reiki and esoteric/specialized healing sessions offering light, sound, crystal and aroma therapy.

ReLife comes to you from our Van Wert location. Similar to the classes and services we are hosting at MHOP, ReLife is a program where we are able to bring these types of services to the community.

I love this part of our business because this is really getting people out of their everyday comfort zone, putting them in touch with techniques and practices that really make differences in lives.  These classes help bring people back to themselves, back to their own light in awareness.

I am very proud of our ReLife program, utilizing local providers for in-house services.  Sharing the knowledge and resources collected through the years of practiced healing with those who can use it most has me filled with gratitude. The contacts I’ve made on a personal and professional level through MHOP are now coming forward into our community because of the network we’re created along our journey. Now is the time for healing and we can bring it directly to your doorstep, to your clients and your business practices. Now is the time for ReLife!

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If You or a Loved one is Struggling With Drug or Alcohol Addiction 

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